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Friday, December 21, 2012

SNSD's Dancing Queen Music Video with I Got a Boy Teaser Video

SNSD (Girls' Generation) will come back to hometown from Japan in this new year. They will release a new song in Korean language as coming back in 2013. There are many press report so. And this news is accepted by SM Ent that SNSD will release a song titled I Got a Boy. God! I can't wait for that song, they will look hot in that music video. I have seen the video teaser and it seems they will sing a Pop and Rap mixed with RnB song. You can see in this video below, in the end part of that video, you will see I Got a Boy teaser. It said that the song will be released in January 1st, 2013. So, the day after you celebrate new year day, you will enjoy your new day with this great song.

Look! Oh my God! They look so cute in the first part of that video. In Dancing Queen music video, you will see they use a time pocket machine (it looks like old iPod) to go back into 2008, the year when they release this song without music video (only music). Do you still remember, the costumes they wore in Gee (Japanese version)? If you still remember, you would realize that they wear the same costumes again, the white shirt and dark blue jeans with their famous roller skates. And the other costumes in that video they wear colorful costume which is like they wore in Japanese version of Gee. But the difference is they dance in a cafe as their background place. Remember, the Japanese version of Gee used a fashion store as their background place, with Minho as the boy who they loved.
And after the duration passes 4:00, you will see their time pocket machine turns into 2013 and you will hear Sooyoung shouts "Hey, yo! GG!" Nah, it's their I Got a Boy teaser video. It's just my opinion, don't take it seriously, Taeyeon looks like Hyuna in Ice Cream music video, right? Hahahahah!
I don't know why SM Ent combines Dancing Queen with this teaser. Hum, I am sure it will make attraction, because we will see their tomboy style in I Got a Boy after you see their cute style first.